Setup Native AWS CodePipeline & Integration with 3rd party tools

  • August 23, 2021

This video post will explain setup AWS Codepipeline with native services of AWS like Codecommit, Codebuild & Codedeploy and will see how to integrate 3rd party tools in this Codepipeline.

We are going to integrate below 3rd party tool in this pipeline –

  • JFrog Artifactory - To auto save the artefacts, auto build version update.
  • SonarQube - To perform automatic reviews with static analysis of code to detect bugs, code smells.
  • JIRA with AWS CodeStar - Jira stories to have auto update of build, Automatic creation of tickets on test suite failures.
  • Selenium – for test suit

Here in below diagram you can see all 3 stages of Source Stage (CodeCommit), Build Stage (CodeBuild), Deploy Stage (CodeDeploy) and Test satges including JIRA with Codestar, JFrog ArtiFactory, Sonar & Selenium.