Data & Analytics round-up | March 2021

From the 5 ways big data is changing healthcare to data-driven climate change solutions, in this month's Data & Analytics round-up we are sharing some of the most recent posts and announcements that caught the eye of our Data & Analytics experts. 

Market Watch

  • Climate Change: Is Digital The Silver-Bullet We’re Looking For To Meet Our Climate Commitments? [Forbes]
  • HPE acquires CloudPhysics, targets cloud migration projects [TechTarget]
  • How to become a developer: A cheat sheet [TechRepublic.]
  • 5 ways big data is changing the healthcare industry for the better [Big Data Made Simple]
  • Top security and risk management trends for 2021 [TechRepublic.

Technology Watch

  • Kubernetes as a cloud services provisioner: what are custom resource definitions? [CNCF]
  • How to create snapshots for Azure VMs and managed disks [TechTarget]
  • Introduction to k3d: Run K3s in Docker [CNCF]
  • A developer’s guide to satellite IoT: Standards and support [Developer-Tech]

Partners corner

  • Introducing Einstein Discovery in Tableau:
  • Bringing AI predictions to Tableau with Einstein Discovery [Tableau]
  • What is Tableau Business Science? [Tableau]
  • Introduction | Apache Kafka® Fundamentals:
  •  Model understanding with Azure Machine Learning [Microsoft Azure]
  • Integrating AI: Prototyping a No-Code solution with Power Apps [Microsoft Azure

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