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Eric Melillo

Eric Melillo is the Founder & CEO of COFORGE | A Growth Agency | HubSpot Silver Partner | Helping SMBs Grow Better using Inbound & HubSpot. Eric is also a lover of family, friends, and life. He enjoys good health, Tae Kwon-Do and discovering the most influential marketing trends.
17 Digital Marketing Trends & Game Changers [NEW 2020]

17 Digital Marketing Trends and Game Changers

Learn Sales Communication Skills that Will Help you Close More Deals

Learn How Better Communication Skills Create More Sales

[Deal Closing] Sales Collateral: 11 Examples Every Sales Team Needs

11 Sales Collateral Examples Aligned to Your Buyer's Journey

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A Guide to Target Market Analysis

Sales Metrics: How to use Essential KPIs to Kick-start Sales Growth

7 Sales Metrics that will Boost your Sales Performance

How to Follow Up After a Sales Meeting & Close More Deals

How to Follow Up Like a Pro After Your Sales Meeting

How To Increase Website Revenue by Building Backlinks

The Perfect Guide for Building Backlinks to Your Website

How to Build a Brand Story that Humanizes your Organization | COFORGE

Building a Brand Story that Forms a Human Bond with your Customer

Inbound Sales Funnel | Boost Your Conversions & Crush your Sales Goals

Why You Need an Inbound Marketing Sales Funnel

HubSpot Marketing Software Certification - Post

HubSpot Marketing Software Certification - Post

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